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Nexxuz World Ángel David Revilla Martínez
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YouTuber, Gamer
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Nexxuz World Youtube channel statistics

Nexxuz World
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 3.71K - $ 22.2K
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last 7 days
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Date Video views Estimated earnings
11.02.2024 Sun +1,873,693 $ 702 - $ 4.22K
07.02.2024 Wed +2,829,913 $ 1.06K - $ 6.37K
02.02.2024 Fri +2,892,588 $ 1.08K - $ 6.51K
28.01.2024 Sun +2,291,556 $ 859 - $ 5.16K
24.01.2024 Wed +4,704,212 $ 1.76K - $ 10.6K
16.01.2024 Tue +3,147,360 $ 1.18K - $ 7.08K
11.01.2024 Thu +9,069,473 $ 3.4K - $ 20.4K
28.12.2023 Thu +2,214,974 $ 830 - $ 4.98K
24.12.2023 Sun +2,812,422 $ 1.05K - $ 6.33K
18.12.2023 Mon +1,468,289 $ 550 - $ 3.3K
14.12.2023 Thu +1,619,081 $ 607 - $ 3.64K
10.12.2023 Sun +1,694,035 $ 635 - $ 3.81K
06.12.2023 Wed +3,100,886 $ 1.16K - $ 6.98K
30.11.2023 Thu +1,951,832 $ 731 - $ 4.39K

Nexxuz World biography

Nexxuz World is a popular YouTube channel owned and operated by Ángel David Revilla Martínez, also known as NexxuzHD. He is a Spanish YouTuber and gamer who gained immense popularity for his entertaining gaming videos. With a passion for video games since his childhood, NexxuzHD created his YouTube channel to share his gameplay experiences and interact with his audience. Nexxuz World's content primarily revolves around gameplay commentaries, walkthroughs, Let's Play videos, and game reviews. He has a unique and humorous style of commentary that has attracted a large audience. With his engaging personality, NexxuzHD has become one of the most influential figures in the Spanish gaming community on YouTube. Apart from gaming content, NexxuzHD also occasionally shares vlogs, challenges, and other entertaining videos on his channel to diversify his content and keep his audience engaged. With millions of subscribers and billions of views, Nexxuz World continues to be a thriving YouTube channel loved by gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Nexxuz World controversies

Over the years, Nexxuz World has faced a few controversies that attracted media attention and sparked debates among his fans and critics. One notable controversy involved allegations of cheating in a gaming tournament. NexxuzHD was accused of using cheats and unfair tactics to gain an advantage over other players. However, he addressed the allegations in a video, stating that they were baseless and provided proof to support his claims of innocence. Another controversy surrounding NexxuzHD arose when he made controversial comments during a live stream. His comments were deemed offensive by some viewers, leading to backlash and calls for an apology. NexxuzHD later issued a public apology, expressing regret for his words and vowing to be more mindful of his language in the future. While these controversies momentarily affected Nexxuz World's reputation, his loyal fan base continues to support him, focusing on his entertaining content and contribution to the gaming community.

Nexxuz World famous quotes

"Buenas gente, ¿cómo estamos? Bienvenidos..."
"A darle caña de la buena, señores y señoras"
"Vamos a darle al play y... PREPARADOS... A... JUGAAAR"
"Nos vemos en el próximo vídeo, un abrazo fuerte..."
"Vamos a comprobarlo... ahora mismo... ¡He fallado!"
"Para que cargue el chiste..."
"Joder, qué pedazo de cabrones..."
"Mójame la cola, calvos"
"Ariadna, prometo que habrá merienda..."
"Ay, pedazo de parda, ¿eh?"