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Caters Clips Youtube channel statistics

Caters Clips
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$ 28.7K - $ 172K
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last 7 days
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11.06.2024 Tue +11,983,067 $ 4.49K - $ 27K
07.06.2024 Fri +8,316,859 $ 3.12K - $ 18.7K
05.06.2024 Wed +9,012,970 $ 3.38K - $ 20.3K
01.06.2024 Sat +11,840,069 $ 4.44K - $ 26.6K
27.05.2024 Mon +14,709,866 $ 5.52K - $ 33.1K
22.05.2024 Wed +20,667,801 $ 7.75K - $ 46.5K
17.05.2024 Fri +12,614,843 $ 4.73K - $ 28.4K
13.05.2024 Mon +22,064,971 $ 8.27K - $ 49.6K
03.05.2024 Fri +7,505,383 $ 2.81K - $ 16.9K
28.04.2024 Sun +4,518,895 $ 1.69K - $ 10.2K
24.04.2024 Wed +4,238,910 $ 1.59K - $ 9.54K
20.04.2024 Sat +4,041,943 $ 1.52K - $ 9.09K
16.04.2024 Tue +4,762,165 $ 1.79K - $ 10.7K
12.04.2024 Fri +9,417,320 $ 3.53K - $ 21.2K

Caters Clips biography

Caters Clips is a British video production company that creates trending content on the internet. Their videos are known for featuring unique, rare, and extraordinary events captured from all over the world. From the top of the tallest buildings, to the most isolated and dangerous places on earth, they capture and document it all. The company has a team of brave and skilled professionals who take on bold missions to bring their audiences quality and entertaining content. Their YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers and billions of views, showing the world that there's no limit to what they can film.

Caters Clips controversies

Caters Clips has faced controversy for their off-limits approach to filming. In the past, they have been criticized for their lack of sensitivity when filming emotionally distressing events. Some viewers have accused them of profiting from suffering, without giving thought to how their content could affect the people involved. However, the company has since made a public commitment to being more respectful in their approach, and has updated their guidelines to reflect sensitivity towards those involved in filming.

Caters Clips famous quotes

"This is Caters Clips, and we're out here in the middle of nowhere."
"These guys are true professionals, daring, and audacious."
"Caters Clips takes you where no one else dares to go."
"This is Caters Clips, the channel that takes you where others don't go, and gets you closer to the action."
"Dare to believe...Caters Clips does."
"Caters Clips... pushing the boundaries of what's possible."
"The only thing scarier than watching Caters Clips... is being in it."
"If you can't take the heat, Caters Clips will throw you into the fire."
"Caters Clips: Going the extra mile, and then some."
"These video production professionals have a passion for taking risks."

Caters Clips partner

Unfortunately, not much is available in the public record about the personal life or relationships of Caters Clips' team members. No details were found regarding a spouse or partner.

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